Audio Processing Dimension

Welcome to my new website. My name is Alejandro Delgado Castro (that's right, I've got two surnames), a certified electronic engineer from San José, Costa Rica, that works in academia as full-time lecturer at the University of Costa Rica, and as a researcher at the University of York (UK). I'm also a sound enthusiast who enjoys recording and listening to music, as well as restoring old audio recordings. Throughout my career I've been able to combine these two interests by means of designing digital signal processing algorithms for music and sound applications. The main purpose of this site is to share the most relevant outcomes of my research and to foster my professional interests. Below you will find links to my current research areas.


Multipitch Estimation

Estimating the fundamental frequencies of concurrent sources in audio mixtures is an important area of research in audio signal processing, particularly useful in Music Information Retrieval (MIR). Here, an iterative method is explored as an alternative to improve the level of accuracy.

Audio Source Separation

The estimation and extraction of sounds comming from different sources in monoaural (single-channel) audio recordings is a challenging task. The strategy presented here explores the potential of using spectral filters to separate harmonic or nearly harmonic sources.

Other Areas of Interest

As a researcher, I'm also keen on exploring and taking part on projects in the following areas.

  • Music information retrieval.
  • Audio recording techniques.
  • Acoustic design and evaluation.
  • Audio effects and binaural sound.
  • Optimization techniques for spectral analysis.
  • Improved time-frequency analysis.
  • Pattern recognition and model fitting.
  • Analog and diginal filters for audio.
  • Analog electronics and interfaces.
  • Gas sensor analysis and implementation.


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Research Gate

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Sound Cloud

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