Programme of

JST UK-Japan Workshop on Advanced Materials

JST York

Programme as of 01 February 2016

Abstracts as of 12 February 2016

Afternoon (Wednesday, 24 February)


Welcome Remarks

Ms Kanae Kurata (Embassy of Japan)

Ms Kana Asano (Department of Innovation Research Department of Innovation, Japan Science and Technology Agency)

Room: P/L 002

Chair: Atsufumi Hirohata


Session I:
2D functional molecular/atomic thin films

Each talk will consist of 25 min. and 5 min. discussion.

Dr Atsushi Kurobe (Senior Fellow, Corporate Research & Development Center, Toshiba Corporation)
"JST/CREST on "2D materials" - research supervisor's policy and the invitation for applications"

Prof. Paolo Radaelli (Department of Physics, University of Oxford)
"Towards imaging and control of multiferroic domains in insulating antiferromagnets"

Dr Yasujiro Taguchi (Center for Emergent Matter Science, RIKEN)
"Formation of 2D skyrmion lattice above room temperature"

Dr Yoshishige Tsuchiya (Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton)
"Nanocharacterisation for graphene and silicon two-dimensional device structures"

Room: P/L 002

Chair: Atsufumi Hirohata


Tea and Coffee

Room: P/L 002


Session II:
Functional materials for 2D device applications

Each talk will consist of 25 min. and 5 min. discussion.

Prof. Atsufumi Hirohata (Department of Electronics, University of York)
"Heusler alloys for spintronic devices"

Dr Jan Mertens (Department of Physics, University of Cambridge)
"2D materials in plasmonics"

Dr Seiji Sakai (Advanced Research Center, JAEA)
"Graphene-based hybrid structures for spintronic applications"

Dr Cecilia Mattevi (Department of Materials, Imperial College London)
"Exfoliated WS2 nanosheets as photoanodes for photoelectrochemical cells"

Room: P/L 002

Chair: Yoshishige Tsuchiya


Closing Remarks

Prof. Atsufumi Hirohata

Room: P/L 002

Evening (Wednesday, 24 February)


Dinner Reception                                                                              

N.B. Speakers and invited guests only.

Loch Fyne Restaurant

Morning (Wednesday, 25 February)


Meet at the Reception in the Departments of Electronics and Physics



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