58. Individual beneficial - provides a perceived benefit for each group embedded in addition to the collective benefit.

Much groupware requires all group members to use it. If some don't perceive a personal benefit, they won't use it, even if it might provide a collective benefit.

Example(s): Modern calendars / meeting scheduling systems have built in enough individual benefit features to attract a critical mass of calendar use supporting scheduling. There must be enough reason for an individual to use the system (even if no one else does) to make it possible to reach critical mass. A shared calendar with a reminder feature, is useful for an individual to use it and then it becomes useful to others to see each other's appointments. But without the reminder feature, there's much less reason to use it for personal use. Workflow that just requires users to structure their work in ways they may not like but doesn't make it easy to find and sort information or pass it on to the next person in the right role. Find and sort are hard in off-line systems so make it better in on-line systems)

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