Name-the-Test Example Questions

Example experiment:

This is the body of text students must read first:

In a study of stress in the nursing profession, urine samples are obtained from twenty nurses from intensive care units and eighteen nurses from long term geriatric wards. It is hypothesised that working in intensive care units will be more stressful. Stress is assessed by measuring the concentration of cortisol in the urine, giving a score in milligrams per millilitre.

Report type assessment:

A possible rubric for this kind of assessment might be as follows:

  1. How would you present the results?
  2. What test would you use to evaluate the results?
  3. How would you evaluate the hypothesis suggested?

Multiple choice type assessment:

These questions can also be framed as multiple choice. An additional set of letter codes must be invented first, e.g.

Use the following codes where requested:
A: milligrams per millilitre
B: urine concentration
C: low stress ward
D: intensive care
E: ward
F: stress score
G: long term geriatric
H: high stress ward

Students are then requested to fill in ONE of the three parts below:

(i). Fill in this part if you think the data require the comparison of means

The dependent variable is ..... (fill in the letter code)
The independent variable is ..... (fill in the letter code)
This has the levels ..... and ..... (fill in the letter codes).

The experimental design is (tick one):

The appropriate parametric test is (tick one): The appropriate non-parametric test is (tick one): A parametric test is: (ii). Fill in this part if you think the data require computing a correlation

The two variables to be correlated are ..... and ..... (fill in the letter codes)
The appropriate test is (tick one):

(iii). Fill in this part if you think the data are categorical (nominal)

How many dichotomies are used to classify the data? (tick one of them)

they are: ..... ......
(fill in one or two letter codes as appropriate)

The appropriate test is (tick one):

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