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Anniversary Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology
University of York
York YO10 5DD

Telephone:(UK) 01904 432913

               (International) [+44] 1904 432913
Fax:          (UK) 01904 433181
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E-mail: aqs1@york.ac.uk

I am a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of York. You can download my CV here. I run a research group with Peter Bailey in 'Auditory Perception and Hearing Health Care'.  I conduct research in two areas: cochlear implantation and auditory grouping. 

Cochlear Implantation

I work with a consortium of clinicians and researchers to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of cochlear implants in the UK. You can see a list of our recent publications in this area here.  You can download the 'Actuarial Program' that is described in publication number 12 here. You can see a list of our recent publications in this area here.

Auditory Grouping
I study the processes of auditory segregation and grouping that allow listeners to attend to one source of sound when several sources are present simultaneously. This work has been conducted with Peter Assmann, John Culling, and Michael Akeroyd. I have contributed ideas to a programme of research on auditory neuro-imaging thatachas been carried forward by Deb Hall

Auditory Perceptual Training
Recently, Paula Stacey and I have developed techniques for improving the ability of listeners to understand distorted speech. You can see a list of our recent publications in these areas here.

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