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Group theory, Topology, Combinatorics

Research interests

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Brent Everitt

Department of Mathematics

University of York

York, YO10 5DD

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1904 433083

Fax: +44 1904 433071

Office: G/161


  1. Algebra

  2. Geometry


  1. Bundles of coloured posets and a Leray-Serre spectral sequence (with Paul Turner), arXiv:0808.1686v1.

  2. Weyl groups, lattices and geometric manifolds (with Robert B. Howlett) arXiv:0802.2981.

  3. Homology of coloured posets: a generalisation of Khovanov's cube construction (with Paul Turner) arXiv:0711.0103.

  4. Partial mirror symmetry I: reflection monoids (with John Fountain) arXiv:0701313.

  5. Graphs, free groups and the Hanna Neumann conjecture, Journal of Group Theory (to appear) arXiv:0701214v2.


  1. Partial symmetry, reflection monoids and Coxeter groups, Heriot-Watt, June 2008.

  2. Knot invariants: natural and not, Newcastle, December 2007.

  3. Weyl groups, lattices and geometric manifolds, Fribourg (Switzerland), July 2007.

  4. Partial mirror symmetry: reflection monoids, Maxwell Institute, Edinburgh, June 2007.


  1. Foundations (Autumn 2008)

  2. Galois Theory (Spring 2009)

  3. Research Methods (Autumn-Spring 2008/09)