Modeling in the Neurosciences

On this page you will find the data that accompanies chapter 20 of the book "Modeling in the Neurosciences"

The data is available in two formats: 1) MATLAB (v6) MAT files. 2) ASCII txt file.

The MATLAB files contains 3 variables
sampling rate:  A single scalar value specifying the sampling rate (1000/sec).
spike_totals:  A 100×1 column vector specifying the number of spikes in each channel.
spike_times:  A single structure containing 100 elements, each element contains a list of the spike times for one channel. The elements are named sp1, sp2, sp3, ..., sp100.

The txt file contains all 100 spike channels in sequential order. The first value is the number of spikes in that channel. Then follows a list of spike times (12 values per line). This format then repeats for all 100 channels.

The MATLAB file is in (921Kb)
The ASCII txt file is in (1492Kb)

Halliday, D.M. (2005) Spike-train analysis for neural systems. In: Modeling in the Neurosciences (2nd edition) Eds: Reeke GN, Poznanski RR, Lindsay KA, Rosenberg JR & Sporns. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Ch 20 pp 555-579. (ISBN 0415328683).

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