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The assessement

The assessment for this module is a report describing an analysis of data (maximum 1500 words). A description of what we want to see, and how we will mark the report is here.

The assessment deadline is: May 6th at 11am

Big thanks to Emma Rand for showing us how to use R Markdown to make this site. Thanks Emma! You can see Emma’s R workshops from 1st year: BIO00017C and BIO00008C. These will be useful for reminding yourself what you know about R.

The Seven Principles of Big Data Biology

Big data sets are an important part of modern biology. But they can be complicated. To help you though this path, we have distilled (some of) our wisdom into some principles that are important to learn. Here they are:

  1. What is the biological question?
  2. Know your data.
  3. Filter out the bad stuff.
  4. Statistical tests are powerful.
  5. Be careful with statistics.
  6. If you conduct multiple tests, you need multiple test corrections.
  7. Present data honestly and clearly.

Download the details here: The Seven Principles of Big Data Biology


A protein interaction network from this article

Workshop material