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A little bit about me

I am now back as Professor of Economics and Statistics, and Director of EXEC, the Centre for Experimental Economics, at the  University of York in the UK, having resigned from my position as Professore Ordinario in Italy, where I was for some eleven years, first in Bari and then in Rome. I was Editor of the Economic Journal from 1986 to 1996. I was the co-founder (with Graham Loomes) of EXEC, the Centre for Experimental Economics at the University of York, and I am now back as its Director. With Daniela Di Cagno we established CESARE in Rome, with the generous support of Deloitte. While in Rome, I organised (with Daniela Di Cagno and others) the Twelfth FUR Conference in 2006, the ESA World Meeting in 2007 and IAREP/SABE in 2008.

I have set up a new home page.


My main research is in individual decision-making under risk and ambiguity, both static and dynamic, and I use experimental methods. My recent papers are downloadable directly or via the Departmental Discussion Paper series. Here you can find my Google Scholar Profile.


At York I teach the Autumn Term part of Microeconomics 2 and Undergraduate Introduction to Experimental Economics (access to the site of which is limited to University of York students through the VLE link). I have taught Graduate Experimental Economics in the past. In 2012-13 I taught with Carmen Pasca at Sciences-Po in Paris a new course, From Risk to Opportunity, a multi-disciplinary course on risk from all perspectives. In Italy I used to teach Microeconomics and co-taught Social Choice with Carmen Pasca. For my part of the Micro 2 course in York I use my Intermediate Microeconomics: People are Different, a description of which can be found here, which is custom published in English by Pearson Custom Publishing, and is published in Italian by Aracne. You might find interesting a page highlighting the problems of working within the Italian Examination system.

Contact me

I am contactable by e-mail or by phone at 0044 1904 323786. My office is A/D/201 on the second floor of the Department of Economics. My office hours are 2.20 to 4.30 on Wednesdays, but I am happy, and indeed prefer, to make individual appointments. You can do this by sending me an e-amil. My cv is downloadable. Please note the University of York's legal disclaimer.

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The photos above show five of my favourite things. The two photos on the left were taken when I was in New Zealand for Christmas last year (unfortunately the young lady is the girlfriend of my son). The one second from the right was taken when I was in Canada this year (unfortunately the sprog is not another son, but happily is my first grandson). The photo on the right is of my latest 'new' car.