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  John D. Hey


Welcome to the Autumn Term of this module of Microeconomics 2 at the University of York. The lecturer in this term is John Hey. The Teaching Fellows are Daniel Howdon, James Lomas and Dominic Spengler.

Introduction and timetables

You can find an Introduction to the course, the lecture timetable , and the office hours of the lecturers and Teaching Fellows. You can also find a Facebook page that Liz Blum and Michaela Lucas have set up.

The course text, the lectures, the PowerPoints, the Maple files and the tutorials

The Last Two Lectures of the Autumn Term 2013-2014

On the Monday of Week 10 I went through both Chapters/Lectures 18 and 19. On the Wednesday I went through first Specimen Examination Paper. A powerpoint presentation of the answers can be found here. Please note that only questions 1 to 17 are relevant.

The Exams

There will be one exam for the whole module in the Summer Term. It will have two parts. My part is described below. Alan Krause will tell you about his part later.

The examination system for the Autumn Term material is described in this detailed description of it. The examination will always have questions that will be easily answered by someone who understands the material in the module but should be difficult for someone who has just tried to memorise the module.

The answers will be scanned and then marked by computer; students will be given a Micro 2 Answer Sheet in which to record their examination number and answers.

There are two Specimen Examination Paper for the Autumn Term material. You can find these here and here. (Ignore the 'Table for questions 25 and 26' - it should not be there.) You can also find powerpoint presentations of the answers here and here, but do not look at these until you have attempted the paper yourself.

Teaching Fellows

The TFs are

Daniel Howdon           James Lomas                Dominic Spengler               

Dan Howdon     James Lomas     Dominic Spengler    

The Student Representatives

You can channel complaints, comments and compliments, that you cannot say directly to me or the TFs, through them. Clink on the links to send them e-mails.

We now have six volunteers. That may well be enough.

They are Athena Fu, Emma Wilson-Young, Krishna Patel, Liz Blum, Micheala Lucas, and Kenny Yang.

Athena Fu          Emma Wilson-Young          Krishna Patel          Blum and Lucas          Kenny Yang         

The Students in 2013-2014


If you want, you can send me a message. I really do hope you enjoy and get a lot out of my part of this module. But you must work continuously throughout the term.