English Book Cover  MICROECONOMICS 2 Autumn Term 2013-2014

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  John D. Hey

Submission of Tutorial Work

We will tell you soon about the rules for submission of written work from tutorials. However, notwithstanding any written rules and regulations about submission, we strongly urge you to complete all written work yourself, even if you do not necessarily hand it in.


The tutorials in the Autumn Term are not mathematical exercises, but are a mixture of different kinds of ways of reinforcing your understanding. You should look at the tutorial before each relevant tutorial and come prepared to the tutorial. Tutorials are participatory exercises - free riders will not be tolerated!

Tutorials are to reinforce understanding and are NOT direct preparation for the examination.

This year we have been allocated just 4 tutorials in the Autumn term for this module. This is one less than the position in 2012-2013. We will not be doing Tutorial 4 this year but you are encouraged to look at it. It is similar in spirit to Tutorial 2, but has an added extra. We have a tutorial every fortnight from week 4.

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