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  John D. Hey


Welcome to this Autumn Term part of the module of Microeconomics 2. I am John Hey and I am teaching the lectures in this part of the module. I used to teach the whole of this module at York some years ago, before I left for Italy, and from 1997 to 2011 I taught it in Italy, both in Italian and English. Since 2011 I am back in York and have taught the whole of the module for two years. Now, in 2013-2014, the module is divided into two parts, corresponding to the Autumn and Spring terms. I will be teaching the Autumn Term material and Alan Krause the Spring Term material.

Over the 25 or so years that I have been teaching microeconomics, my teaching has evolved in the light of my experience. Crucial to my philosophy is that I want to teach principles and methods, and not detail and mathematics. In the textbook accompanying my part of the module, there is mathematics for those who want or need it, but Alan Krause will give you the mathematics that you will need.

I feel that the maths is not needed to understand the messages that I am trying to get across. Actually, mathematics is easier than understanding - and it is the latter that you should concentrate on for my part of the module. The accompanying tutorial package is not a set of mathematical exercises but a mixture of things, including games and experiments. You learn economics by doing economics. Please, please, please, do not think that you can understand economics (or, if it interests you, pass the examination) by trying to work on the module in the few weeks leading up to the examination. You have to study it constantly - several hours each week - go to the lectures (even though they are at bad times) - and do the tutorial exercises, before, during and after the tutorials themselves. Please also use the Discussion Board if you are unclear about anything. You will see that the module has its own site. There is a lot of material there (more than you need - but I will guide you through it). Please do not think that the site is a substitute for attending the lectures and particularly the tutorials: it is a complement to them. Please participate fully in the tutorials - they are not things to endure but to enjoy and get involved with.

I hope that you enjoy, and get a lot out of the module.

The Syllabus of the Autumn Term of the module

The syllabus of the Autumn Term of the module consists of chapters 1 through 19 (omitting chapter 17) of the text Microeconomics: People are Different by John Hey, available at Blackwells Bookshop on campus.

Please note

This course is particularly important because it provides the foundation for all the other courses in Economics at the University of York.

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