English Book Cover  MICROECONOMICS 2 Autumn Term 2013-2014

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  John D. Hey

The Discussion Board within VLE

Because of the number of students enrolled on the course, we feel that it would be more efficient to first raise any general questions on the Discussion Board of VLE. Questions of a more specific or intimate nature could be raised with the lecturer or one of the TFs during their office hours (below).

The office hours and rooms of the lecturer and the teaching fellows

John Hey's office hours are as follows

The Teaching Fellows on this module hold daily office hours in the Autumn term. These will be held in Alcuin Senior Common Room, which is in Alcuin Block E or where the Bistro is. (It is up the stairs next to the Porter's Lodge at Alcuin, through the door on the first floor, then it is the room on the right.) Please take early advantage of their availiability - they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.

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