The interacting Dynamic Electrons Approach (iDEA) code

What's the big idea? The iDEA code The goal of the iDEA code is to improve the accuracy of approximations within fundamental theories of many-electron quantum mechanics. The iDEA code is a Python software suite (with Cython extensions) developed in Rex Godby's group at the University of York since 2010 in collaboration with others. It has a central role in a number of research projects related to many-electron quantum mechanics for electrons in matter.

iDEA's main features:
The next step: Once more reliable approximations are devised, the next crucial step is for these new methods to be implemented into large-scale codes which model realistic systems in order to establish their accuracy. If these new methods prove to be improvements on existing methods, they can then be used to model a wider range of physical systems enhancing our knowledge of materials and chemicals.