Curriculum Vitae: Educational History

Dr Michael Anthony Beaney, BA, MA, BPhil, DPhil



St Catherine’s College, Oxford


1978-81 Open Exhibition 1978–81
Degree BA (Hons) in PPE: 2(1)
1979 Prelims Philosophy, Politics and Economics
1981 Finals Philosophy and Politics
Papers General Philosophy, Moral and Political Philosophy, Theory of Politics, Political Institutions, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophical Logic, The Later Philosophy of Wittgenstein, Marxism

University of Keele


1982–83 Keele Studentship 1982-83
Degree MA by thesis in Philosophy (awarded Nov. 1983)
Title of thesis ‘Wittgenstein and Ethics: Rule-Following and Anti-Non-Cognitivism’
Supervisor Jonathan Dancy

St Catherine’s College, Oxford


1983–85 D.E.S./British Academy Major State Studentship 1983–85
Degree BPhil in Philosophy (awarded June 1985)
Papers Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Logic, Wittgenstein
Title of thesis ‘Philosophical Foundations and Purposes of Formal Logic’
Supervisors Rom Harré, Linacre College (1983–84, Philosophy of Science)

Martin Davies, Birkbeck College, London (1984, Philosophical Logic)

Peter Hacker, St John’s College (1984, Wittgenstein)

David Wiggins, University College (1984–85, BPhil Thesis)


1985–90 British Academy Major State Studentship 1985-86 St Catherine’s College Senior Scholarship 1985–86
Degree DPhil in Philosophy (awarded June 1990)
Title of thesis ‘The Bonds of Sense: An Essay in the History of Analytic Philosophy’
Supervisor Martin Davies, Birkbeck College, London


Other Courses

Goethe-Institut, Lüneburg, West Germany

Summer 1981 2-month German Language Course
  Goethe-Institut Scholarship (funded by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

University of Leeds

1993–94 German Language Course for Staff
1996–98 Courses on Computing and Use of the Internet and World Wide Web

University of Manchester

14–16 September 1998, 18–20 January 1999, 17–18 May 1999 Teaching and Learning Course



Ipswich School

1966–77 Open Scholarship 1970–77
O-levels 1975 Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, English Language, English Literature, Latin, French, German (A Grades)
A- and S-levels 1977 Mathematics (A1), Further Mathematics (B), Physics (B1), Chemistry (A)

Staten Island Academy, New York

January – June 1978 English-Speaking Union Scholarship
Subjects Art, History, Literature (graduated with First Honors)


February 2005