Gottlob Frege: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers

edited by Michael Beaney and Erich H. Reck


Publisher Routledge
Date of Publication December 2005

424 + xxvi (Vol. I)

417 + viii (Vol. II)

407 + viii (Vol. III)

413 + viii (Vol. IV)

ISBN 0-415-30601-9 (set)
0-415-30602-7 (Vol. I)
0-415-30603-5 (Vol. II)
0-415-30604-3 (Vol. III)
0-415-30605-1 (Vol. IV)

  • Volume I: Frege’s Philosophy in Context
  • Volume II: Frege’s Philosophy of Logic
  • Volume III: Frege’s Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Volume IV: Frege’s Philosophy of Thought and Language


Contents, General Introduction, and Introduction to Volume I

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April 2006

Mike Beaney