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ABBL is a laboratory within the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Glasgow.

The laboratory is run by
Dr Martin Bees, Reader in Applied Mathematics & EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow.

Dr M A Bees

The group currently consists of:

Dr Martin Bees

Dr Ottavio Croze

PhD students:
Ms Rosie Williams

Mr Ehsan Ashraf
Mr Stephen O'Malley


Welcome to the ABBL website

Flask of algaeAlgae photo-bioreactors

Biomass from large scale culture of algae in tubes and other vessels

FlaskHydrogen production by sulphur stressed algae

Under sulphur stress anarobic algae can evolve hydrogen gas.  However, there is much room for optimisation.

BioconvectionBioconvection & gyrotaxis

Swimming green algae can induce hydrodynamic instabilities and thus bioconvection patterns.  Gyrotaxis describes biased swimming motion due to a balance of gravitational and viscous torques, and can result in long plumes of self-focused cells.

Image of the VLA Annual Review FrontcoverTaylor dispersion of gyrotactic cells

Biased swimming cells behave very differently than passively advected chemicals or tracers in pipe flow.

Simulation of swimming biflagellateFlowfields

Flowfields around algae and bacteria are not what one might expect, especially when a cell interacts with boundaries or other individuals.


Image of GLA logo

ABBL is a laboratory of Dr M A Bees.  It investigates theoretical and experimental aspects of biofluid dynamics.