Graph description: Figure 7. Equivalence of regression and two sample t method for comparing the mean energy expenditure in two groups of women

This is a graph with two panels, titled "Two sample t test" and "Regression". Each panel shows a scatter diagram of the same data.

In the first panel, the horizontal axis shows group of women and is labeled Lean and Obese. In the second panel, the horizontal axis shows Obesity and is labeled 0 and 1. In both panels, the vertical axis shows energy expenditure in kilojoules and is numbered 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

In each column there are two columns of points. The left column, lean or obesity = 0, goes from energy expenditure = 6 to energy expenditure = 11. The right column, Obese or obesity = 1, goes from energy expenditure = 8.5 to energy expenditure = 12.7.

On each panel is a piece of text: "t = 3.95". On the regression panel there is straight line from obesity = –0.8, energy expenditure = 7.5 to obesity = 1.2, energy expenditure = 11.

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