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Solutions to EMI Self Test 2

There is no negative marking for EMIs, because random guessing is unlikely to get marks. Just count up the number correct to get a mark out of 20. The pass level for MBBS is 12/20, for Biomedical Science students 6/11 would be OK. You should, of course, aim higher.


11. v, standard error of mean

12. y, two sample t method

13. u, some evidence (it would be better if the authors had given the exact P values)

14. k, little or no evidence

15. o, not significant

16. k, little or no evidence

17. h, double blind

18. e, confidence interval

19. j, large sample comparison of proportions

20. c, chi-squared test.

21. k, little or no evidence

22. b, case-control study

23. d, cohort

24. f, controlled trial

25. d, cohort study

26. c, chi-squared test

27. w, strong or very strong evidence

28. u, some evidence

29. g, cross-sectional study (everything measured at the same time in one group)

30. s, regression

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