Young Researchers' Meeting 2015

Group photo YRM The European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility's (ETSF) Young Researchers' Meeting (YRM) is held annually for scientists with non-permanent positions − it is unusual in this sense. The meeting is a chance for people starting their careers in science to present their work internationally, in the absence of more experienced researchers. Hence, the meeting is a fantastic opportunity for young researchers to build collaborations with other groups, and to find out more about how one establishes themselves within the scientific community.

This year's (2015) YRM was held in Paris, France. The conference ran from the 1st to the 5th of June. This was the 12th ETSF YRM, titled Challenges in ab initio Modelling of Materials and Molecules. The conference was relaxed and welcoming, and I would recommend attending it to any young researcher.

I presented my work on our proposed method for developing a novel density-functional based on the degree of localisation in the system published in Physical Review B Rapid Communications as a talk (slides). For the rest of the conference, talks on DFT, Green's function theory, etc were given, a list of the sessions is given here (the session in which I presented my work is listed in bold):

The first of the five days was split between industry talks − the pros and cons of switching from academia and industry − and the poster session. The morning talks were given by EDF, CFM and Huawei. For me this type of opportunity is particularly useful for young researchers, as the world of academia can be very different to that of working for a company, and choosing which careers to pursue is very important. Hence, the 'round table' discussion after the talks was most enlightening.