Dr Phil Hasnip

Picture of me

Welcome to my home page here at the Physics Department, University of York. Here you will find information relating to my research, as well as resources for my various teaching courses.

I am a Research Software Engineer, and my work is mostly concerned with the computer program Castep, which uses quantum mechanics to compute the properties of a vast array of materials and chemicals, from catalytic converters to proteins. I am working with Prof. Matt Probert and the UK Car-Parrinello Consortium to develop Castep to support UK scientists.

Castep is based on Density Functional Theory (DFT), and can predict the properties and behaviour of materials and molecules. I am a member of the Castep Development Group (CDG), and my research time is generally split between developing the simulation methodology, and using Castep to study a wide range of nanomaterials. For more details, please see my research pages.

As well as doing research, I have various teaching responsibilities including the third year courses "Advanced Theoretical Techniques" and "Advanced Computational Laboratory", which cover the applications of mathematics and computer programming to problems in physics, and the graduate course "First Principles Materials Modelling". I also teach several short graduate training courses. More information may be found here.

Materials Studio, Licence Servers and Firewalls

Over the last few years I have spent a ridiculously large amount of time trying to get various laptops to check out a licence for Materials Studio across a University firewall. I've written some notes on how to do this here.