A Basic LaTeX Document

0.1 Logging into the Computers

The computers are all running Windows. Log in using your University username and password. We're going to be writing LaTeX using a program called TexnicCenter. From the "Start" menu go to "All Programs", then "Text Processing", then "TeXnicCenter".

0.2 Writing LaTeX

We're using TeXnicCenter today, but you can use any text editor to write LaTeX. Word processors are usually not suitable, because it can be difficult to persuade them to write plain text without cluttering it up with font and formatting commands.

0.3 Exercise 1

Now we have enough information to create a very simple LaTeX page:

% First we choose the document class (can be book, report, article etc.)

% Now we start the main document stuff

% I don't know what to write! Let's just say:
This is my first LaTeX document.

% Now we need to end the document

Create a short document like this, and save it (with the default .tex extension). Make sure TeXnicCenter is set to "LaTeX => PDF" mode - you can change this from the drop-down menu. Click "Build Current File" and then "View Output".

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