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Sunbeam Imp Sport PVY787G

My real star car this one... This little imp is my own pocket rocket.... (Why do the girls say "what a cute car", it isn't cute! It's a lean mean sporting machine..... Well o. k.. it is cutish)....

It is an original single headlight imp sport. I bought it in March 1990 from a surveyor, who conscious of his image figured he should sell it for a metro!! (EEK, there is no sense in some people). He had no idea it was an imp-sport and only drove it to the shops and had only bought it because it was different to a mini. With only 32,000 miles on the clock it was a real bargain. I recognised it as a sport the second I saw the twin- stromberg carburettors even though the imp sport badges had been nicked by kids during the then 'beastie- boy' craze..... (Obviously they wanted something different than V.W. badges. It took me nearly a year to find replacements).

She is off the road at the moment as since buying her I've put on another 30,000 miles plus. I've toured most of the four corners of Britain in the versatile little machine, so now I am getting things together to give her the sympathetic restoration she deserves to bring her back to her former glory.

Quite a star this little car, she was in a restoration feature in Practical Classics magazine in February 1994 A full length ownership article in popular classics in October 94, was on the front cover of the August 1995 Practical classics, and recently was a centrefold in the August 1996 edition in an article devoted to surviving with your imp ....... Those with sharp eyes could catch a fleeting glimpse on a top-gear programme as she whizzed past on an item devoted to imps during 1994.

Wot stardom!!!!
Cover of 'Practical Classics' August 1995"cover of 'Practical classics' magazine August 1995

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