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Sunbeam Stiletto SVY896H

Two days before I was due to go on holiday to Zakynthos in Greece in September 1994 a chance conversation outside my local scout hut with a middle-aged gent who had spotted my imp lead to my imp hobby taking another twist.

His son was apparently re-building a Sunbeam Stiletto, he was also getting married..... An ultimatum had been made: The wife or the car...... Luckily for me, though it must have been a tough decision, he had decided that the stiletto had to go.....

Fortunately my parents were also away on holiday at this time so there was nobody to talk me out of this one.

I scraped the cash together, dumped the heap of a car in my parents garage; rang their hotel, left a message with a bemused receptionist. "Would you tell Mr & Mrs Waites that their son Paul has bought a Stiletto", and then jetted off to Zante to avoid the inevitable flak... (It is only a hobby honestly).

Ten months later and the car, now totally rebuilt finally took to the road. She is a fast, hairy little car..... Lots, and lots of fun.
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