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Mk1 Capri 3000E TAM349J

On holiday with to Derbyshire with my long suffering parents in May 1988, I spotted an advert for a white 3000E Mk1 Capri.... I think that the families heads dropped as I spent the rest of the week sorting out how to get the beast back home to York...

After driving the old girl until the M.O.T ran out a complete restoration was planned that has run and run and run..... The previous owner was a skilled workman from the old bodge-it and filler brigade.

I've used a greenhouse poly tunnel and home-made sandblaster to rid myself of the curse of the rust.... Today she looks much like the picture above, the body work still not finished.... (She will drive again.....honest)

p.s..... It is just a hobby, not an obsession.

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