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Mk1 Capri 1600XL XVN465K

My first car, and still probably my favourite. It cost me 50 and was worth every penny. Whilst taking it for a test drive I was amazed why the window screen wipers worked every time I changed gear... I just had to have this car, the challenge was on. It turned out that the previous owner had put down so many layers of carpet that whenever I pressed the clutch it fouled the foot operated wiper switch!

From then on I virtually lived in scrap yards finding all manner of bits and pieces to clutter up the car. (my car hobby was born).

I finally took it off the road in the late eighties when the rust had bitten deep. Buried in the back garden with roses growing round her I always planned to one day bring her back to her former glory, but in December 1995 during a short lapse of realism I took the angle grinder to her rusting remains and committed my first ever motor to the scrap yard... (Boo-Hoo).... One day I shall have a shiny Silver MK1 Capri again make my words...

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