Rob Stone.

I work at the Psychology Dept at the University of York, UK as a Senior Experimental Officer which means practically nothing! I have moprhed into an edu-technologist somehow but stil have resposnisbility for some computer/IT systems and web stuff.

I am co-director of the Viperlib project based at York, developing a FREE web based library of images for visual perception. Check it out and let us know what you think.

You can mail me [rfs1] or phone me on 433161, but I'll probably be running about sorting stuff.

Of far more interest are my hobbies especially juggling I occasionally attend the juggling club in York. and rarely these days flying kites. Mostly I am out climbing or hill walking or mountaineeering. I'm a member of local York Alpine Club

Climbing and other pictures this way ... By the way this stuff is all mine and does not reflect the University's views.

Countries I've visited (thanks to

Rob Stone, Dept Psychology, University of York, UK, YO1 5DD. 01904 433161
r.stone at psychology york ac uk