Some Juggling piccies.

this is Haggis and Martin Frost passing 9 clubs at EJC Leeds 93

this is Someone on a tightrope at EJC Leeds 93

Rob Street and Mandy Dorn attempting 11 club 1 count pattern Norwich 95

The great Toss Up at Corby 94, except these are paper aeroplanes, a blossoming traditional at the East Midlands Fest which unfortunately is cancelled for 1995.

The Guy from Le La Les does his manic fire spot (picture borrowed from Washington Kite Festival Review.)

Me at Grenoble European Jug Fest 96 passing lots of clubs (failing here!) Picture by fergie, note the sandle sun tan!

Snowdon Fest 1995

Me and Jim and Dave (both at St Andrews) play at Brunos Nightmare

Me scaring a kid at the show, photo by Rob Street

Bristol Fest 1995

The real Cafe'

and Tim in Tim's Place.

Ben Cornish, one of my fav jugglers and all round nice guy here runs a 3 club tricks workshop doing continous chin rolls.

From the show here are the excellent Stage Fright doing some trapeze and rope work

and the Curious Eyebrows (Winston and Stuart) passing 8 plates

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