The Mathematical Virology Group

The Mathematical Virology group develops novel analytical and computational tools for the modelling of virus structure, assembly and evolution. These provide important insights into mechanisms underpinning key stages of the viral life cycle, and have potential applications in a number of areas ranging from anti-viral drug design to bio-nanotechnology.


Photographs by Christine Cockett, no.52 in the University of York #HumansOfYork Facebook series

Team members:

Eric Dykeman (Computational Biophysics) and Reidun Twarock (Mathematical Biology)  

Richard Bingham (Biophysics) 
Pierre Dechant (Mathematical Biology)
James Geraets (Biophysics) 
Simon Hickinbotham (Bioinformatics) 
Eva Weiss (Bioinformatics)
Emilio Zappa (Mathematical Biology)