Art and Science in Dialogue

Joint work with Dr Briony Thomas, University of Leeds 2004 

Artwork illustrating our research into virus structure and function has been presented at the exhibition "Art and Science in Dialogue" in the Exhibition Centre of the Ron Cooke Hub in York in Summer 2014.

The artwork has featured new group theoretical approach for the modelling of virus structure and structural transitions of viral capsids important for infection. Emilio Zappa (see photo above), and summer students Motiejus Valiunas and Adam Arstall, have been instrumental in creating this artwork with financial support by the Wellcome Trust funded C2D2 programme, and in setting up the exhibition.


More pictures from the exhibition:




Outreach activities:

I have also been involved in outreach activities to encourage women to embark on a career in Mathematics. Recent events include:


Arts Society:

We are actively involved in the Arts Society of the University of York. Among others, we have created a six-panel painting that now serves as logo for the York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis.

Can you spot pariacoto virus?