Mathematical Virology Workshops

Joint initiative with Prof Peter Stockley, University of Leeds 2004 

We have initiated an interdisciplinary workshop series on "Mathematical Virology" that brings together theoreticians and experimentalists interested in understanding virus structure, assembly and evolution. We have organised four workshops to date:

2004: Mathematical Virology 1, Mathematical Institute in Oxford;  
2007: Mathematical Virology 2, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh;
2010: Mathematical Virology 3, Cumbria University, Ambleside;
2014: Mathematical Virology 4, University of York.

We have also edited a number of special journal issues and a book on the topic:

Special journal issues:

"Mathematical Virology", Journal for Theoretical Medicine (2005, Vol. 6, with Stockley)  
"Mathematical Virology", Journal of Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine (2008, Vol. 9, with Stockley) 
"The physics of virus assembly", Journal of Physical Biology (2010, Vol.7, with Stockley)


Stockley, P. G. & Twarock, R. (Eds.) Emerging Topics in Physical Virology, Imperial College Press, London, 2010 (ISBN:978-1-84816-464-2)


Other workshops and events:

Moreover, I am co-organiser of a number of national and international events, including the following:
  • An Emphasis Program at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute in Ohio
  • The workshop Form and Function of Protein Nanoshells at the Lorentz Centre in Leiden in 2014 (with Wouter Roos and Chuck Knobler)
  • A special session on "Applications in Biology" at the XXIX International Colloquium on Group theoretical Methods in Physics, Tianjin, China, 2012 (with Prof R Kerner, Paris)
  • The LMS (London Mathematical Society) - EPSRC Durham Symposium on "Grand Biological Challenges for Mathematicians" in Durham, 2012 (with Prof A Taormina and Dr K Peeters, Durham)
  • A special Session on "Discrete Models in Molecular Biology" and an associated workshop on "Mathematical Biology" at a meeting of the American Mathematical Society at the University of South Florida, Tampa, 2012 (with Profs A Carbone, Paris, and N Jonoska, USF)
  • An IOP (Institute of Physics) workshop on "Applications of group theory in virology", 2008 (with Prof A Taormina, Durham)
  • A workshop on "Virus Assembly" at the Society for General Microbiology Spring Conference, 2011 (with Prof N Stonehouse, Leeds)
  • A special session on "Structure and Assembly of Viruses" at the 10th International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology (BIOMAT 2010) in Rio de Janeiro, 2010 (with Prof R Kerner, Paris)