The iDEA code The iDEA Code

The iDEA code (interacting Dynamic Electrons Approach) is a Python software suite (with Cython extensions) developed in Rex Godby's group at the University of York since 2010. It has a central role in a number of research projects related to many-particle quantum mechanics for electrons in matter.

iDEA's main features are:

*Density-functional theory, and time-dependent density-functional theory

Publications based on the iDEA code so far:

Paper 871. "Exact time-dependent density-functional potentials for strongly correlated tunneling electrons", M.J.P. Hodgson, J.D. Ramsden, J.B.J. Chapman, P. Lillystone, and R.W. Godby, Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 88 241102(R) (2013) [4 pages]. Further information

Paper 902. "Role of electron localization in density functionals", M.J.P. Hodgson, J.D. Ramsden, T.R. Durrant and R.W. Godby, Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 90 241107(R) (2014) [4 pages]. Further information

Paper 923. "Origin of static and dynamic steps in exact Kohn-Sham potentials", M.J.P. Hodgson, J.D. Ramsden and R.W. Godby, Physical Review B 93 155146 (2016) [11 pages] (Editors' Suggestion). Further information

Paper 934. "Local density approximations from finite systems", M.T. Entwistle, M.J.P. Hodgson, J. Wetherell, B. Longstaff, J.D. Ramsden and R.W. Godby, Physical Review B 94 205134 (2016) [11 pages]. Further information

iDEA Contributors (listed alphabetically): Jacob Chapman, Thomas Durrant, Razak Elmaslmane, Mike Entwistle, Rex Godby, Matt Hodgson, Piers Lillystone, Aaron Long, Robbie Oliver, James Ramsden, Ewan Richardson, Matthew Smith, Leopold Talirz and Jack Wetherell

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