Never tried Fencing before? Now's the perfect time! University is ideal for giving it a go, and with a bit of coaching you'll be on the piste fencing experienced vets in no time. We run beginners courses in the first and second term that will give you a good grounding and teach you:

  • Footwork : How to move around and keep your balance whilst in a fight.
  • Bladework : How to defend and attack, and when to do what.
  • The Rules : Each weapon (explained below) is a bit different. Quite important if you want some points.
  • Fights : All the above needs to be put to practice. At the end of each session you'll put what you've learned to use against others on the course and more experienced guys who'll help guide you.

Once you've got a good start in the basics you can then choose what weapon you want to continue with:

  • Foil : All points are scored with the tip, and the trunk of the body is the target.
  • Epee : Same as foil, except the whole body is the target.
  • Sabre : You can slash with this one, and the upper body is your target.

You'll get the hang of it in no time, and be using the electric kit (so you can tell who hit first) within the term! We provide as much kit as we can, but once you get to this point you may want some shiny new gear.

For a very dramatic sample of the different weapons, see the following gold medal bouts from London 2012:


The club fields a men’s and women’s team as well as competing in Roses against the University of Lancaster, the annual BUCS Individual Championships and a number of other student and Open competitions, individual and team, across the region and nationally.

One of the most successful of the university’s sports clubs in BUCS, the fencing club’s achievements and potential have been recognised with Focus Sport Status. Scholarships are available for elite student fencers and the club also wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the York Annual Fund.


We try to have socials as often as possible, whether it be a friendly meal or a night out. A few beverages in the YUSU bars after training is also a good way of relaxing after a few fights.

Jessi Rubble

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We're the guys to talk to if you have an issue or want to get more involved in the club. Just send any emails to the address on the contacts page and we'll all be able to help. If you're interested in running for the committee for 2015/16 just ask us anytime about what it entails. We're constantly trying to improve the club, so if you have any suggestions have a chat with us.