The University of York Douglas Adams Society


ChairBees? A.K.A Joe Mcewen

Many have asked me Since becoming ChairBeing (okay no one has asked me but i'm going to tell you anyway) why did i choose the power, the responsibility, the... something or other.


to put it simply, i didn't really have anything better to do, that and Reynolds said i'd make a good Chair so i thought i'd give it a shot


ChairBees? Out!













Hello life-form! My name is Treasurer and I hold the position of Aaron.
I like: tea, whisky and being weird.

I dislike: Humans, Irony and Rule of 3.
I'm a second year Chemist, I do the science.
Please feed the Aaron, otherwise he'll bite.
All my glove,
Aaron c|_|









Hello all! I am Katy, the sandwich based representative.

I’m a second year History and Politics student with a love for all things science fiction based especially Doctor Who, Star Trek and Blake’s 7.

I like to consider history’s important questions like WHY DID THEY CANCEL FIREFLY and attempt to cosplay things at conventions.








I am Susan, apparently.

As Great Uncle Bulgaria, my committee job involves; telling everyone they're doing it wrong (whatever 'it' may be) and shouting to anyone who will listen that things used to be much better when I were young.

I don't believe either of these things - it's just tradition.
















Greetings, humans of the future! I'm Hazel, resident creepy skeleton-fancier, morris dancer and Librarian.

I spend a lot of time at the bottom of large holes staring at small pieces of pottery, and continue to insist that I find this enjoyable.

I also appear to be permanently stuck somewhere in the 9th century. If you need anything from the library, you'll have to go in by yourself -

whatever's living in the Doctor Who collection sounds pretty angry.



















Hi, my name is Beth.

I represent shapes, learn the Greek alphabet by going to maths lectures (I know this seems to be a silly method, but it has its merits), and make crafty things for no apparent reason.

I also watch copious quantities of Dr who and come up with those shape-y things on the Doug-infos.














Sean Cannon is an explosion in a paint shop who refers to himself in 3rd person when he has no idea what to write.

His role on the committee is to look confused and laugh inappropriatly.

He also tap dances badly and talks about Freemasons and faeries on his Youtube channel.

Reads Physics, German and too much into things.