Membership shall be open to any member of the University, and any associate member, as defined in the Union's Constitution. Membership may be offered to people who are not connected with the University but they may not hold office in the Society. Only members of the Union may be signatories.


The purpose of the society is now long lost in the mists of time, but may well have been originally constructed in a slightly inebriated manner.

The main aim of the society is to spread the power of the committee via three main forms of activity:

  • Regular meetings involving a variety of social events open to all members.
  • The production of a regular DougInfo sheet, compiled by the Chairb***, and other committee members if s/he is unable, or can't be bothered, to come up with a idea.
  • Having a demonstrable amount of fun.

The society also aims to prevent words such as 'wacky', 'zany' and 'crazy', and any uses of such words in society meetings will result in the person to have spoken them being asked politely to leave the room for a minimum of two minutes. Inappropriate or gratuitous Douglas Adams references will also be noted, and any person to utter three or more in a term will be politely requested to vacate the area and stay away from the society for up to five weeks - the exact amount of time will depend upon the gratuitousness of the references and how nice the ranking officer is feeling.


There shall be a committee, made up of members, who MUST be members of the Students' Union. The Committee shall include the following:

  • Chairb***, whose duty it will be to represent the Society where necessary, chair all meetings of the Society, and mix Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters at the beginning of each Autumn term. It is the responsibility of the Chairb--- and Committee to adopt a personal title for each holder (e.g. Chairblanket) on election.
  • Secres***, who shall call and keep account of all meetings of the Society, deal with all correspondence, do everything that no one else wants to and drink at least half a dozen Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters at the beginning of each Autumn term. He/She will on no account have the same first name as the Chairb***, nor the same suffix.
  • Treasurer, who shall keep an audited account of the finances of the Society, to present this to the Annual General Meeting and to liaise with the YUSU Services and Finance Officer on matters of finance. Ideally the treasurer will be bearded, although if gender issues prevent this then a suitably manly voice should be present instead.
  • Sandwich Rep, who will maintain (but under no circumstance update) the society's website, and also provide sandwiches for the committee at committee meetings and for all the society at the end of year PicNic.
  • P & P Officer, who will sort out press and publicity for the society. This is pretty much encapsulated by the ordering of T-shirts.
  • ToastMaster General, who will propose a toast at the start of all committee meetings, and at any other time he deems fit.
  • Shape Rep, whose duty it is to ensure that the shape for each term is chosen fairly and honestly, and also to take care that robots do not surreptitiously infiltrate the society.
  • Non-monkey, whose duty it is to maintain the society's library of DVDs, CDs and books, whilst putting pressure on the society to increase size of the library
  • Up to two Sacrificial First Years, who shall have the job of ensuring that the rest of the committee remembers that youth does in fact exist. They must both be in their first year of study upon election.

There also exist four honorary positions:

  • Deity - shall appoint him/herself at the appropriate time
  • Demi-God - the entity known to many as Mr Gary Brannan. He has been permanently elected this post, since he did loads for the society whilst at York and should be forever emblazoned on the society's constitution
  • Shoutsperson - the delightful Mr Brian Blessed, who accepted the position some years ago, having been voted in unanimously by the society at the time.
  • Great-Uncle Bulgaria - the only honorary member with a duty to attend committee meetings. S/he should make inappropriate jokes and obscure references for no good reason at all, and this position is awarded to the previous chairb*** until such time as s/he leaves university.


Officers are responsible to the members of the Society. An officer is subject to a vote of NO CONFIDENCE by a meeting of the Society. This must be passed by a simple majority of those present and voting. Abstentions shall count towards quoracy but shall not count for or against. No committee officer shall serve for more than 12 months without re-election.

Meetings And Elections:

An Annual General Meeting of the Society will take place at least once in every 12 month period. This meeting shall called by the Chair and be advertised to all members of the society and the YUSU Societies and Communications Officer with at least seven working days notice. Elections will take place at this time. Non-members and non students' union members shall not be permitted to vote or stand for election. Election rules require candidates to leave the room and a choice of either STV or simple majority voting. All members should be made aware of their ability to stand for election and vote.

The YUSU Societies and Communications Officer can call a General Meeting of any Society, at which elections can be held, with significant cause to do so.

All meetings must be advertised to all members. The quorum for all meetings shall be 10% of the membership of the society. If quoracy cannot be met at a Society General Meeting, called in accordance with its constitution, the YUSU Executive Committee can ratify the decisions taken.


All the Society's funds will be lodged with the Students' Union. The Treasurer, Chairperson and Secretary shall be signatories to accounts opened by the Society. These officers must be bona fide students of this University. Two of these signatories shall be required for each expense claim and for any contract or undertaking, financial or otherwise, on behalf of the Society. The Accounts Books shall be available for inspection at any reasonable time by any member of the Society, or by the Union's Finance Committee. All monies should be banked with the SU Finance Office, and a receipt obtained. The Society shall provide the SU Finance Office with a valid Society Signatories List when a new signatory is elected.

Union Code:

Every member of the Society agrees to abide by the Union Code, and the Society remains responsible for the actions of its members in the course of their Society duties.


Every officer of the Society shall be entitled to be indemnified out of the assets of the Society against all losses or liability which he or she may sustain or incur in or about the execution of his or her office or otherwise in relation thereto and no officer of the Society shall be liable for any loss, damage or misfortune which may happen to or be incurred by the Society in the execution of the duties of his or her office in relation thereto. Providing that nothing in this clause shall affect their liability for the consequences of any negligent act on their part.


This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds vote at a Society General Meeting. If amended the constitution shall be re-ratified by the YUSU Executive Committee before coming into effect. Any proposed amendment must be notified to the members seven days before a meeting. The Society shall function according to the Constitution of the University of York Students' Union.