The University of York Douglas Adams Society

Top Ten Reasons to Join Doug Soc

10) You’d like to run around campus in fancy dress every so often.

9) You’d like to discuss how best to defend yourself against kraken in airships.

8) You’re a 5-year-old trapped in an [age redacted]-year-old’s body.

7) You’d like to be an intergalactic overlord in your spare time.

6) You have strong feelings about fictional characters.

5) You’ve bothered to read this far into the sheet.

4) You want to hit people over the head with inflatable animals and not get told off.

3) You believe you can make the world a better place, but can’t really be bothered right now.

2) You thought we wouldn’t notice if part of the cardboard cornucopia went missing.

1) You’ve got nothing better to do on a Tuesday.