Software Collection, Department of Mathematics, University of York

There will be no new release of the software CD for 2006/07. The reason for this is that the whole collection covers less than 500Mb, broadband is becoming more common, and 512Mb USB drives are available for less than £10. It therefore seems much more sensible to provide a set of links for you to download what you need; you can also be sure of getting the latest version, not a snapshot taken at some random point in the summer!

Click here for the links

A few copies of last year's CD (Release 5, 2005/06) are still available for £1.00 (to cover duplication costs) from the Departmental Office (G/127) during office hours in term time. There haven't been any major changes; last year's disc, and even the earlier releases 3 and 4, are still perfectly usable, although release 3 doesn't have TeXnicCenter.

Note that we are charging a fee only to cover duplication costs, not for the software itself. You are free to install from the same CD on any number of computers, and to make further copies of the CD.

The CD contains a complete TeX implementation (final-year projects) including GhostScript and GhostView (also useful for reading PostScript files on the department's website), a C/C++ compiler and development environment (C programming course), a Matlab clone (Data Analysis MSc), the statistical package R (linear regression course), and various other bits and pieces. For a more detailed manifest, follow the link to the README file below.

Note that members of the University can purchase copies of Maple from the Computing Service for £25.00. Click here for further details.

If you have release 4 of the CD (available from October 2004 to September 2005), click here for known problems and workarounds.

If you have release 3 of the CD (available from October 2003 to September 2004), click here for known problems and workarounds.

Release 5 is now available. If you already have release 3 or release 4, you don't necessarily need the the new disc: both of these are perfectly usable.


I have assembled this CD in the hope that it will be useful, but neither I nor the Department of Mathematics can accept any responsibility for its operation.

I obtained the contents of this CD from reputable archives with up-to-date virus-checking software running on my computer. However, I cannot absolutely guarantee that this disc is virus-free and strongly advise you to have up-to-date anti-virus software running when you install programs from it (or any other source, for that matter).

The programs on this CD are from a variety of sources and are distributed under a variety of licenses, but they are all freely distributable for non-commercial purposes. Any charge levied by the Department of Mathematics is to cover duplication costs only; you are not being charged for the software. You are free to copy this CD or use it to install the software it contains on any number of computers, subject to the licenses governing each piece of software.

This CD has been assembled and tested under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. I expect it to work under 95, 98, 98SE, ME, and NT4, but this has not been tested.

Simon Eveson September 2005