Palm Tungsten T Q&A

Friday, August 09, 2002
I have been using LifeBalance for two months now and find that I am spending time every day fiddling with the program rather than doing the tasks it lists. Should I give up and go back to ToDo+? No, I still love the way that LifeBalance puts gentle pressure on you to do the things you have been shying away from by moving them up your to-do list.

Here is an interesting, partial, but probably accurate history of Micro$oft. Unfortunately the Blogger software I am using for this is not very Opera-friendly, so I am in MSIE6 at the moment :-(

Thursday, August 08, 2002
Welcome to my weblog. This is a bit of an experiment so I am not sure what I will be posting here. Why not come back regularly to see or add this page as an Avantgo channel?

Have you downloaded the latest version of Palm Desktop (4.1) yet? I am slightly embarrassed to admit that my favourite feature is the option. It cheers me up to see a different theme each morning but not to have the angst of choosing.

As a birthday present to myself back in May I bought a fancy flip cover from and it has broken already. Well, not broken exactly, but the small ridge of plastic which acts as a sort of brake to stop it flipping open too easily has broken off. Not impressed.