Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I don't use Graffiti very much, being a Fitaly fan, but some of the command strokes are very useful, especially when you are setting up a new Palm. I immediately found that Graffiti2 on the T|E was not worth the learning curve. In fact, I always found Graffiti very natural and easy to use (though as slow as using block capitals), but realize that is in part because of some very useful tips I found while surfing the 'net one day. I have lost the original URL, but I made an iSilo version of the page, which is here. If this is your webpage I have nicked, get in touch and I will give appropriate credit and links.

Anyway, the point is that I followed the instructions here to install original Graffiti on the T|E, and it has worked fine ever since.

BTW, if anyone wants a free alternative to Graffiti, have a look at Millikeys.