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AcidSpider Prize Draw (11th Feb) Winners: Rosie Brent, Simon Dick, Dave Pawson and Karen Skerrit.

Last UKPUG Meet was in York on Saturday 4th December at 12.30 p.m. Downstairs at the Varsity, 6 Lendal, York, YO1 8AA.


Updated November 2004.
As far as we know, this is the only UK-based Palm User Group. The NLPUG (North London) has existed for a while, but its web site has been static for years now and it has been subsumed into UKPUG.

The group's activities consist of an e-mail discussion list for help and advice, and occasional face-to-face meetings around the country. To become a member simply join the UKPUG Yahoo Group (you can choose to not receive e-mails). Jon Alsbury and Tom Stoneham are the current moderators, who tend the day to day messaging and try to keep discussion polite and helpful. The UKPUG has around 360 members - so there's certainly room for growth - why not join now?

What's on offer?

It is all very informal - there is no organizing committee or agenda, just a group of people with a common interest coming together in various ways.

  • There are face-to-face user meetings once or twice a year. In the past these have been organized by Steve Litchfield in London and Reading, but he is not very keen on doing it again. So we are experimenting with an unsponsored meet in the north. See the News item above for the latest details.

  • The e-mail based discussion forum, hosted on Yahoo Groups is a way to ask for and receive advice as well as share tips and tricks. This is a low-traffic mailing-list (the highest month so far has seen 155 messages, and 50-60 per month is more usual), so don't worry about being flooded with email! You can select individual e-mails, a daily digest or even to receive no e-mails at all.

  • Though officialy a Palm User Group, lots of members use or have used Psions, so it is a good place to ask for advice about them as well.

  • For a while, Steve Litchfield hosted a Classifieds board, but it was so badly supported (5 adverts in 6 months!!!) that it's now been dropped. eBay seems a better way to do this sort of thing, and occasionally members post links to their eBay auctions.

How do I join?

It's completely free, don't worry. We believe that user groups (communities) and their events should always be 100% free. There's no formal membership, so joining the e-mail based forum will suffice for now:

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Don't worry - we are not a commercial organization and have no links to any, we will keep your e-mail address confidential and only contact you via the Yahoo Group, so you can select what mailings you receive. New members' first posts are moderated, so there should be no spam.

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News - Introduction - What's on offer? - How do I join? - Other useful links