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University of York

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My primary research interest is metric Diophantine approximation (a branch of Number Theory) and various related fields including :
geometry of numbers,
uniform distribution,
measure and probability theory,
fractal analysis,
ergodic theory,
dynamical systems,

Gauss has famously described Mathematics as the "Queen of the Sciences" and Number Theory as the "Queen of Mathematics". As a subject Number Theory was established by the ancient Greeks who called it Arithmetic. The subject has flourished since the Renaissance and today is as vigorous as ever. An example is the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem sought for over 300 years.

Until the middle of the 20th century, Number Theory was considered to be the purest area of Mathematics and least likely to be sullied by applications. This has all changed since then with the advent of digital computing, the growth of cryptography and the emergence of links with dynamical systems and physical phenomena. Nowadays, the subject is an exciting mix of ideas pursued for their own interest and a rather exotic variety of applications.