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Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Ada

Alan Burns and Andy Wellings


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Published by Cambridge University Press , 2007
ISBN 978-0-521-86697-2
461 pages

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction
2.  The nature and uses of concurrent programming
3.  Interprocess communication
4.  Task types and objects
5   The rendezous
6.  The select statement and the rendezvous
7.  Protected objects and data oriented communication
8.  Avoidance synchronization and the requeue facility
9.  Exceptions, abort and asynchronous transfer of control
10. Object-oriented programming and tasking
11. Concurrency utilities
12. Tasking and systems programming
13. Scheduling real-time systems - fixed priority dispatching
14. Scheduling real-time systems - other dispatching policies
15. Timing evenets and execution-time control
16. Real-time utilities
17. Restrictions, metrics and the Ravenscar profile
18. Conclusions


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