Women's Movements

Internet Resources

International Information Centre & Archives for the Women's Movement Women & social movements in the United States, 1820-1940
World Wide Web Virtual Library - Women's History Women's History Workshop (USA)
Feminism & women's issues (SocioSite) Suffragists Oral History Project (USA)
Archival Sites for Women's Studies (WSSLINKS) African-American Women (Duke University)
Women and Gender Studies Web Sites (WSSLINKS) African Women Global Network
Internet Women's History Sourcebook AfricaBib
WomenWatch (United Nations) Women'sNet (South Africa)
UNIFEM (UN Development Fund for Women) South Asian Women's NETwork
UNESCO Priority Women, Gender Equality Site Internet Women's History Sourcebook - China
Women in Development NETwork (WIDNET) Women ALAI (Agencia Latinoamericana de Informatión)
Femina (Search engine for women-related web sites) Muslim Women and Development
Women's World Organization for Rights, Literature and Development Women's Issues in 3rd World Countries
International & Regional Internet Resources


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