A. Garcia-Dominguez

Artifact Catalog

Pentaho plugin that provides an alternative way to organize the assets of a Business Analytics server as a forest of tags, instead of a tree of folders.


Open-source webapp providing automated code feedback to students completing introductory programming tasks in a few clicks, using customizable feedback templates in Markdown format.


Unit testing framework for WS-BPEL compositions. Supports mocking external WS and can integrate with the Apache ODE, ActiveBPEL or ActiveVOS engines.


Eclipse project that implements a family of languages for model transformation, validation and migration, among other tasks, and a set of tools based on these languages.

Gades Siege

Turn-based strategy game that can pit two expert systems-based AIs against each other. Used to teach game AI and develop code analysis skills at the Computer Science degree of the University of Cadiz.


Search-based testing tool for quickly locating hard to kill mutants in a program. Current version is Java-based and has been adapted to WS-BPEL and Java programs.


Scalable model indexer based on NoSQL technologies. Developed as part of the MONDO EU project and currently an Eclipse Incubator project.


Mutation testing tool for WS-BPEL, implementing over 30 mutation operators. Integrates with BPELUnit and the ODE and ActiveBPEL engines. Licensed under the ASL 2.0.


Model-driven methodology for designing and generating performance test cases for Web Service compositions. Implemented as a set of Eclipse plugins on top of the Epsilon family of task-specific model management languages.


StatSVN-inspired tool that extracts user activity metrics from MediaWiki installations and produces HTML-based reports.


Dynamic invariant detector for WS-BPEL, based on Daikon. Instruments a WS-BPEL program to produce execution traces from which likely invariants can be extracted.