WEB-links considered to be the most relevant/interesting to my CTCD research field:

1.    US EPA-Global Climate Change site
2.    GHG: Greenhouse gas information
3.    CEOS: Resources in Earth Observation & explanations of atmospheric terms

4.    ORNL: good database of climate and other datasets

5.    ESF: European Science Foundation
6.    ESF: the role of soils project (RSTCB)

7.    Century WEB-site
8.    RothC WEB-site
9.    Forst DNDC WEB-site

10.  AUS: National Carbon Accounting Program

11.  UK: soils catalogue

WEB-links of other interest:

1. Mycorrhizal Information Site
2. The 9th York Mycorrhiza Course (2004)

3. York Castle Area Campaign/ York Tomorrow (prevent a shopping-mall being built on the York castle site!)

4. York Symphony Orchestra

5. Funkate (York's leading 8 piece Funkband)