Thank you for taking 5 minutes to fill in this online questionnaire about your opinion of the benefits of BCS-HCI membership and improvements you suggest.

Personal Details

Are you an............................................ independent consultant
HCI group within a company
Specialist HCI company
or other
How long have you been practising?...... 0-1 years2-3 years4-7 years7+ years
Did you learn your HCI skills?...Learnt on the job
Training courses/short courses
What Education have you had?
Undergraduate Masters PhD
HCI/Human Factors/Design...
Please specify other

BCS-HCI benefits

Please specify which of the following services you use or find useful.

The email list
Do you find the email list useful for:
Finding out about events
Finding jobs
Recruiting people
General HCI discussion
Something else, please specify
Any other comments?

Annual British HCI Conference
What parts of the conference do you/would you think are valuable? What parts of the conference have you attended in the past?
Industry day Industry day
Tutorials Tutorials
Workshops Workshops
Main conference Main conference
Something else, please specify Something else
Any other comments?

Day or Short meetings
What topics would you like to see covered?
Have you attended.................. 1 time 2-3times 4+tims
Would you attend if an interesting topic was covered? yes no
Any other comments?

The Website (
Have you visited the website?Yes No
Which of the following are useful?Events
 Consultancy Page
Any other comments?

Interfaces Magazine
Have you received the magazine?Yes No
How do you rate it overall?POOR1 2 3 4 5 GREAT
What bits do you find useful?
Any other comments?

General Comments

Which of the following do you consider to be useful benefits of membership?

Reduced price for interacting with computers
Reduced fees to conferences etc.
Gaining contacts - via membership lists/email list
For information or learning

Any other comments/suggestions to improve the service