A meeting to celebrate the 60th birthday of Professor Ed Corrigan

University of York

10-11 August 2006

This meeting is intended to survey the state of the art and to discuss open problems in all topics on which Professor Corrigan has worked, but particularly his current interests in integrable systems and quantum field theory.


Thursday 10 August afternoon                      Invited talks

Thursday 10 August evening                         Birthday dinner

    Partners and other friends are welcome at the dinner,
    and indeed at any part of the meeting.

Friday 11 August                                            Invited talks

      The meeting will finish about 17:00 on Friday afternoon.

                     Invited talks

Michael Atiyah     Some challenging thoughts on quantum theory

David Fairlie         Strings and Yang Mills: the view from Durham in the 1970s

Pierre Ramond     Super Yang-Mills Theory on the Light Cone

David Olive          Witten's work on the Langlands programme

Peter Goddard     Algebras and strings

Werner Nahm         tba

Evgueni Sklyanin     tba

Ryu Sasaki           Exact solution in the Heisenberg picture and  annihilation-creation operators

Patrick Dorey       Differential equations and quantum integrability

Anne Taormina    N=4 extended superconformal symmetry in string theory

There is a registration fee of £20. Accommodation is available at the University of York; to be sure of
accommodation please register by 14 July. Travel information and maps can be found here.

Financial assistance with the costs of attendance is offered to students.

The meeting is supported by the London Mathematics Society and the
Mathematical and Theoretical Physics group of the Institute of Physics.

To register, please contact Tony Sudbery, as2@york.ac.uk or
Department of Mathematics
University of York
YO10 5DD