13th UK Meeting on the Foundations of Physics


Co-sponsored by the Mathematical and Theoretical Physics group of the Institute of Physics

General information

All sessions will be held in room G045, Goodricke College.

Lunch will be in the Roger Kirk Centre, dinner in Langwith College.  The bar in Langwith College will be open from 18:00 to 23:00.

Computer terminals are available in room G169. Information about temporary accounts will be given during the meeting. 

If you want to park on campus you should obtain a parking hanger at a cost of £2 per day.

Contact telephone numbers:        Mathematics Departmental Office 01904 433070

                                                  Goodricke porter (for urgent messages) 01904 433100


Monday afternoon

14.15  David BenDaniel: Definability in physics

15.00  Lucien Hardy: Quantum axioms and composite systems

15.45     Tea

16.15 Dean Rickles: Does background independence entail relationism?

17.00 -- 18.00   Round table discussion on axiomatisation of physics

19.00  Dinner

Tuesday morning

09.30  Richard Dawid: Confirmation and final theory claim -- a philosophical look at string theory

10.15  Christian deRonde: Complementary descriptions, quantum mechanics and modal interpretations

11.00      Coffee

Paul Busch: On quantum uncertainty

13.00      Lunch

Tuesday afternoon

14.15  Prashant Singh: Quantum digital signatures using quantum optics

14.45  Kong Wan: Intrinsic magnetic flux of the electron's orbital and spin motion


15.45      Tea 

Simone SeveriniTransition probability matrices as fundamental objects in quantum mechanics

17.00 -- 18.00  Round table discussion on time in quantum mechanics

Wednesday morning

09.30  John Corbett: The ontology of quantum space

10.15  George Jaroszkiewicz:  Quantum register physics

11.00      Coffee

11.30  Sougato Bose:  A duality in entanglement and testing quantum identicity of macroscopic objects

12.15  Michiel Seevinck: to be announced

13.00      Lunch

Wednesday afternoon

14.15  Jonathan Walgate: The nature of nonlocality without entanglement

14.45  Soazig le Bihan: The nonlocality problem: a point of view

15.15  Jan-Åke Larsson: The Bell inequality and the coincidence-time loophole

15.45      Tea

16.15  Sibasish Ghosh:  State estimation on a circle

17.00 -- 18.00  Round table discussion on nonlocality

19.00      Dinner

Thursday morning

09.30  Jaroslaw Pykacz:  Macroscopic models of two-person quantum games

10.15  Tony Sudbery: Quantum Bell inequalities

11.00      Coffee

11.30  Thomas Durt: General solution for the mean king's problem in prime power dimensions, Bell states and 
                                mutually unbiased  bases

12.15  Gerry Goldin: Geometric characterization of a fundamental open problem in nonlinear quantum mechanics

13.00      Lunch

Thursday afternoon

14.15  Bernard Kay: Gravitational induced decoherence

15.00  Andrew Whitaker: Some arguments on fine-tuning and many worlds

15.45      Tea

Angelo Cei:  Supervening on the wave function

Round table discussion on "Bayes, Everett, decoherence or collapse?"

Friday morning

09.30  Rüdiger Schack:  The frequency operator in quantum mechanics

10.15  Alastair Rae: The memetics of quantum theory