Curriculum Vitae

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Curriculum Vitae: Ben Dudson

York Plasma Institute
Department of Physics
University of York
York YO10 5DQ
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1904 32 2229

Reader (Associate Professor) in plasma physics, Department of Physics, University of York. My research area is magnetic confinement fusion, particularly tokamaks.

I have led development of the BOUT++ plasma simulation code for 10 years, and been involved in experiments on the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST). I collaborate with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) USA, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) USA, General Atomics, USA and the Culham Center for Fusion Energy (CCFE) in the UK. My research is funded by the UK EPSRC, and the EUROfusion consortium.

I teach undegraduate lecture courses on mathematical techniques (3rd year), and computational methods (2nd year). I have taught courses on Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MSc/PhD), computational plasma physics (MSc/PhD), Fluid Dynamics (4th year), Environmental Physics (2nd year), and Programming (1st year Python, MSc/PhD python, C and Fortran). I currently supervise three PhD students, two Postdocs, and have six graduated PhD students.


Year Establishment Description
October 2017 - Present University of York, UK Reader
October 2014 - October 2017 University of York, UK Senior Lecturer
April 2009 - September 2014 University of York, UK Lecturer in plasma physics
Feb 2007 - April 2009 University of York, UK Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, studying Explosive instabilities in tokamaks
Oct 2003 - Jan 2008 UKAEA Fusion, and Trinity college Oxford DPhil on "Edge turbulence in the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak". Accepted April 2008, awarded the 2009 Culham thesis prize
Oct 1999 - June 2003 Imperial College London Physics MSci (1st)


  • Invited talks to national and international conferences (2018 KSTAR conference, 2016 Varenna-Lausanne international workshop, 2015 IAEA techical meeting, 2013 IAEA techical meeting, 2013 ICCP, 2012 EFPW, 2011 EFPW, 2010 Joint Varenna-Lausanne international workshop; 2009 IoP, 2008 EPS), seminars (NCKU 2012, IPP Greifswald 2010, Courant Institute NYU 2009, Warwick 2009), oral presentations to the ITER Physics Advisory pedestal group (Oct 2011, Oct 2009, April 2009, Oct 2008), and other contributed oral and poster presentations.
  • Planned and took part in running experiments on the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak in the capacity of Physicist In Charge.
  • 55 publications spanning experimental and computational plasma physics, with an h-factor of 25.


  • Chair of the University Research Computing Working Group, which coordinates training and advises on policy related to research computing.
  • Member, Institute of Physics Plasma Physics Group management committee, April 2015 - present. One of 10 members, elected to represent the plasma physics community to policy makers and funders, and to coordinate activities across UK plasma physics, in particular the annual IoP Plasma Physics conference.
  • Member, HEC computing consortium management board, 2013-present. This board agrees a strategy for allocation of computing time on the UK national supercomputing facilities (Archer) valued at 2.8M over 5 years.
  • Member, Plasma-CCP management board, 2014-present. The role of this board is to take a strategic view of the UK computational plasma physics community activities.
  • EPSRC Software Outlook project member, October 2016 - present. This national project supports the UK collaborative computational project (CCP) communities by exploring and advising on future developments in hardware and software.


  • Development and use of experimental data analysis codes to study edge plasma phenomena
  • Large-scale plasma simulations, in particular the study of ELMs and plasma fluid turbulence
  • Design and delivery of undergraduate and graduate lecture courses
  • Programming in C, C++, Python, IDL, Fortran, Assembler and Lisp. Some Perl and Julia

Research Grants

(Bold are currently active)

  • EPSRC EP/R029148/1 - Plasma Physics HEC Consortium
  • EUROfusion AWP17-ENR-IFE-CCFE-01 - Non-local thermal transport in inertial and magnetic confinement fusion plasmas
  • EUROfusion AWP17-ENR-MFE-CCFE-01 - Understanding the role of reconnection in filament separation and its impact on plasma exhaust in tokamaks
  • EPSRC EP/N023846/1 - The influence of magnetic geometry on the plasma edge region of future fusion reactors
  • EUROfusion ER15-CCFE-03 - Predictive model for pedestals
  • EUROfusion ER15-EPFL-05 - Synergetic numerical-experimental approach to fundamental aspects of turbulent transport in the tokamak edge
  • EPSRC EP/M022463/1 - The Plasma-CCP Network
  • EPSRC EP/M001423/1 - Dust in magnetized plasmas
  • EUROfusion Enabling Research CfP-WP14-ER-01/Swiss Confederation-01 - Synergetic numerical-experimental approach to fundamental aspects of turbulent transport in the tokamak edge
  • EUROfusion Enabling Research CfP-WP14-ER-01/CEA-01 - MHD modelling of MHD instabilities and their control in existing tokamaks and ITER
  • EPSRC EP/L000237/1 - Plasma Physics HEC Consortia.
  • EPSRC EP/K006940/1 - Plasma turbulence in complex environments
  • EFDA Task Agreements WP11-MHD-02/02, WP10-MHD-03/02, WP09-MHD-04/01



  • Fil, A. M. D., Dudson, B. D., Lipschultz, B., Moulton, D., Verhaegh, K. H. A., Fevrier, O. & Wensing, M. "Identification of the primary processes that lead to the drop in divertor target ion current at detachment in TCV" Contributions to plasma physics (2018)


  • Ryan, D. A., Liu, Y., Kirk, A., Suttrop, W., Dudson, B. D., Dunne, M. & Willensdorfer, M. "Experimental validation of coil phase parametrisation on ASDEX Upgrade, and extension to ITER" Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (2017)
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  • Ryan, D. A., Liu, Y., Li, L., Kirk, A., Dunne, M. G., Dudson, B. D., Piovesan, P., Suttrop, W. & Willensdorfer, M. "Numerically derived parametrisation of optimal RMP coil phase as a guide to experiments on ASDEX Upgrade" Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. 59, 2, 20 p. (2017)










DPhil thesis Edge turbulence in the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak Trinity college, University of Oxford. Accepted 28th April 2008

  • B Hnat, B. D. Dudson, R. O. Dendy, G. F. Counsell, A. Kirk, The MAST Team Characterization of edge turbulence in relation to edge magnetic field configuration in Ohmic L-mode plasmas in the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak Nucl. Fusion, 48(8). (August 2008), 085009
  • X .Q. Xu, M. V. Umansky, B. Dudson and P. B. Snyder: Boundary Plasma Turbulence Simulations for Tokamaks. Review article, Commun. Comput. Phys., 4 (2008), pp. 949-979
  • B. D. Dudson, N. Ben Ayed, A. Kirk, H. R. Wilson, G. Counsell, X. Xu, M. Umansky, P. B. Snyder, B. Lloyd, and the MAST team: Experiments and simulation of edge turbulence and filaments in MAST. Invited paper for the 35th EPS conference 2008, published Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 50 (2008) 124012