Dave's Lecture Demos

A long time ago, I wrote some VB demos to use in lectures to illustrate some concepts in communication engineering.

After a while, I gave up on VB and moved to Silverlight, so students with Apple computers could also use them. I gave up writing or maintaining these programs in VB.

Then Silverlight died.

Many years later, someone contacted me about the VB demos, to see if they still existed. On request, I dug out an old version of the web-page describing them so they could see what I had done.

I am now regretting this, since I am starting to get requests to make the demos available again. I haven't written anything in VB for over a decade, I don't teach this stuff any more, and I no longer have the tools available.

So I've taken the web-page down again.

The VB demos are ancient history... I'm sure there must be something much better out there by now.